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NASA And SpaceX Urge People To Stay Away From Astronaut Launch

According to the recent evidence from the space agency, ORLANDO – first astronaut is about to launch from Florida in nine years. When the conditions across the nation are normal, being it as a historic moment there might be huge crowds gather across the roads and beaches of Florida during the launch.

But due to the pandemic outbreak of the coronavirus and in the measure of avoiding the further spread of the COVID-19, the space agencies – NASA and SpaceX are currently urging the spectators to stay home safety without any gathering in the public places on May 27th.

Source: The Verge

However, the officials in the home country of the Kennedy Space Center are in the move of rolling the mat for welcoming the tourism industry hard this spring by coronavirus – related lockdowns.

Further, Wayne reported that he is fine by all means in the view of welcoming the tourists and also respect the idea of not willing to view the launch. Additionally, he announced that there are no restrictions for the viewers in watching the great piece of history.

The sheriff added that he would like to announce the visitors in maintaining the social distancing as they watch the view of the launch of astronauts on to the test flight SpaceX’s Dragon crew capsule. The liftoff has been scheduled and set for 4.33 pm EDT at Florida.

Upon the arrival of the two astronauts in the Kennedy Space Center, Florida, there would be around 85 reserve deputies who are arranged in the place to monitor the crowds and ask people to comply in maintaining the social distancing and to avoid standing in groups.

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