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Twilight Kristen Stewart Slams Criticism Of Bella Swan

Here is what we know about actress Kristen Stewart slamming the haters of Twilight as well as Bella Swan!

Well, well, well, as all the people who are in love with the franchise of all the Twilight films as well as the books which were written by author Stephanie Meyer might be well aware of the fact how people used to criticize about how cliché the plot is of all these films.

But despite that, the movies went on yo score some great awards while the lead and iconic actress Kristen Stewart looks back on the franchise and says that it was a really good experience for her.

Kristen spoke to Patti for the Interview magazine and told ho she is so proud of her career in Twilight!

Kristen happened to speak with Patti Smith for her March issue of Interview, the actress who is just 24 years in age revealed about how she is so proud of all the work she has ever done whether it was acclaimed by all the audience who saw it or not. And yes, she even went on to say or we might say warn, all the people that she might take a bite at any haters who all suggest otherwise.

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According to a fellow news media platform called US Weekly, Kristen says that she has no problem with anybody who likes to talk badly about her films and role in Twilight because she completely gets this fact but there surely it is something that she is still proud of, to this day. She even said that her memory of all that time still feels good to her.

Here is what fans have reacted to Kristen’s interview with Patti about Twilight!

Well, we all just hope for the best and think it is so great that Kristen is not embarrassed by all the criticism she received after she did the role in Twilight but instead remembers all that period in time as something which she is quite proud of.

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