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TRAGIC!!! 2 Children Fatally Hit By A Car, Accused Detained By The Cops

On Friday, a suspected drunken driver hit two young boys in South Los Angeles in the afternoon then they were taken to the hospital, the authority told.

L.A. police Capt. Jon Pinto revealed that o0fficers acknowledged about 3:10 p.m. following the pickup crashed into the front yard of a house at the corner of 48th Place and Ascot Avenue in Central-Alameda.

Clip from the incident showed the pickup, a dark-colored Nissan, crashed through a wall surrounding the house, breaking a stop sign and many items in the front yard.

One of the kids, a 2-year-old boy, wound up under the wall according to a kid’s family. Families told the other child concerned is his 4-year-old brother.

Their older brother, 10-year-old named Fernando Vargas, was also in the garden at the moment.

The vehicle’s destruction seemed to be confined to the front-end, which was abraded and marked with flat wheels.

According to a source, the vehicle hit two boys, both of whom were conveyed to the L.A. County+USC Medical Center. They were still being assessed Friday evening, but their wounds seemed to be minor.

According to the authority, the diver had escaped from the accident but was halted by family members who tracked him. He was being held on mistrust of hit-and-run and drunk driving.

The cop did not quickly recognize the suspect, but a source told that he was a man in his 40s. He was also brought to the hospital, where investigators interviewed him Friday evening.

The same pickup had earlier hit with another driver a few blocks away, in the area of 48th Street and Hooper, further investigation showed.

The other driver had been arrested for interrogation but was released.

The authority had earlier told the event seemed to be the outcome of road rage, but Detective Jose De Leon, who was at the incident, said KTLA that’s not indeed the case.

Detectives consider one of the drivers may have attempted to chase down the other to get their data following struck.

The police are continuing to investigate what led up to both hits. No more information was available.

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