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Three Men And A Baby: Disney+ Developing A Remake With Zac Efron In Main Lead

Here is what we know about the film called Three Men and a Little Lady getting rebooted for a recent version!

Well, well, well, all the people who are in love with the film called Three Men and a Little Lady are well aware of the fact it had Ted Danson as well as Tom Selleck and Steve Guttenburg as a trio of handsome bachelors whose lives have been turned completely in an opposite direction when a little baby girl arrives at their place.

For many decades, the film has remained to be a classic but as of right now, it looks as if the new bosses are looking forward to a 21st-century reboot for it.

Zac Effron is going to star in the lead role of Three Men and a Little Lady but no director has been set yet!

A news media outlet called The Hollywood Reporter has disclosed the news that actor Zac Effron has been cast to star in the updated version of Three Men and a Little Lady. They also revealed that no director is set yet by tye studios to helm this most anticipated project.

Zac Efron to Star in 'Three Men and a Baby' Remake for Disney+ ...


The original film which was released in 1987 was a work of excellent direction done by talented Leonard Nimoy who is also known as the Spock of Star Trek. This parent project could he dubbed as the first live and action film of Leonard Nimoy which stands far away from his usual genre of choice, that is, the department of science as well as fiction.

Here is the French film from which the plot of Three Men and a Little Lady has been taken!

The plot of the film, Three Men has been adapted off a French farce film called Trois Hommes et un couffin which translates to Three Men and a Cradle. It should be known that this French film came out in the theatres just two years before it was rebooted in an American version by the creators.

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