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Thor Gives The Avengers A Unique Mode of Transportation, Details Inside

Marvel Comics has been popular lately with its video game offerings, and the last title to launch was Marvel’s Spider-Man. The winning video game spanned a new story to the friendly Spider-Man world. It also featured familiar characters such as Miles Morales, Mary Jane Watson, Aunt May, and Doctor Octopus. The game has become such a success that Marvel continued to tell stories from different comics such as Spider-Man: City at war, and Spider-Man: Velocity by Marvel.

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The next Marvel video game is Marvel’s Avengers with an original story of Earth’s most strong heroes disassembling them after a mission-wrong one. The results did not leave Captain America dead and the Avengers, although the young Inhuman Kamala Khan, also referred to as Ms. Marvel, plans to bring the team together again.

Unlike Marvel’s Spider-Man, Marvel’s Avengers was released with tie-in bands to help shape the larger story. Marvel’s Avengers: Iron Man #1, followed this week by Marvel’s Avengers: Thor #1. Both are before the video game events and a preview of Marvel’s Avengers: Thor #1 reveals how Tony Stark and Bruce Banner is in charge of the God of Thunder and how they are developing a new mode of transport for the Avengers.

We were taken to the Maria Starks Field, which was donated to the City of Brooklyn to Stark Industries Parklands. Tony, Bruce, and Thor are completing the Stark Portal field test, which Iron Man says would allow the Avengers to “assemble anytime and anywhere!”

Of course, Avengers usually travel through the Quinjet, a staple of the signature superhero team of Marvel. Thanks to the Stark Portal, however, the Quinjet is no longer needed. A big thank you should go to Thor too because he drives the Stark Portal with his thunderous bolts. Just as the demo is over, Bruce warns that the portal’s power levels increase. Iron Man tells Thor to stop the lightning, but Thunder’s God replies that eliminating a storm is much easier said than done.

If everything goes well, Thor’s lightning barrier will not burst Stark Portal. The demand for the subject teases the experiment leading to a fight between Thor and the Hulk, with a mysterious puppet master drawing his cords. Everything is designed to disassemble the Avengers eventually.

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