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This James Bond Star Might Play Zeus In Percy Jackson TV Reboot

A new TV show Percy Jackson has been officially developed for Disney + and the eyes are already turning to possible broadcast news

The series of fantasy books on which the show will be based is based on a plethora of figures from classical mythology, a composition that would not be complete without Zeus.

In the first film adaptation of the novels, Percy Jackson and The Olympians: The Lightning Thief, the role was played by Sean Bean. This time, however, we understand that Disney is watching one of its co-stars in the film.

A Percy Jackson show is coming to Disney+

Who will star in Percy Jackson TV Reboot?

According to sources – those who told us about Percy Jackson’s show in the fall, long before it was announced – the studio is watching the role of former James Bond actor Pierce Brosnan. Of course, Brosnan had previously played Chiron in Lightning Thief, so he’s no stranger to the franchise.

Surprisingly, he co-starred with Sean Bean in a more acclaimed film, the former Bond GoldenEye. Think of it as an insignificant search for Brosnan-Bean-Bond trackers of the day.

It is not confirmed whether the actor will accept the proposal or not?

As always, transmission reports at this stage include attached strings. Precisely because Disney has Brosnan as its choice for the role, it does not guarantee that it will be offered or accepted. Imagine they have other names on the list. That being said, its connection to the film series, as well as its recent move to AMC’s The Son TV, give confidence to Disney’s thinking.

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