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The Wire: Why It’s The Best Series Ever?

The Wire of David Simon is the greatest television drama of all time. Simon, using his experience as a journalist, gave HBO deadly precision by depicting the drug and police scene on the streets of Baltimore. The actors hardly looked like actors, just normal real-life people buying and selling drugs and others trying to catch them and their overlord.

The reasons why The Wire is the best series till now:-

It doesn’t get old:-

A typical time frame in one city, Baltimore, The Wire Center in the early 21st century. However, it resonates much more than that environment. His analysis of human behavior and power structures and conflicts adjusts to almost any period in human history.

The Wire, 10 years on: 'We tore the cover off a city and showed ...
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Look at almost any major city, and you will find crime and drug abuse. You will see that inequality and manual workers struggle to keep their heads above water, it is much easier to be tempted by the promise of easy money and a better life.

Vibrant, spacious environment and world-building

Simon and his cast and crew together gave birth to a Frankenstein monster as a monster of a creature from many parts of this city, lent him and let him live. There’s no point in fitting parts of the show together and making the world as a whole, and the writers deserve all the credit for making The Wire completely credible, others, perhaps, from “Hamstard” entirely. Replace the failed experiment with. A police captain effectively legalized drugs.

The amazing star cast

Dominic West is prominently Jimmy McNackle as Ostemmili, and he injects the character into a rather arrogant, abusive, insulting, and yet highly skilled detective. They are all good and cool. On the one hand, it is impossible to photograph someone other than Asia Whitlock by distributing Clay Davis’ unholy signature.

Perhaps the show’s greatest legacy lies in introducing a number of high-caliber actors to many, including the illustrious Michael B. Jordan.

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