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Wisconsin Man Called 911 After Brutally Stabbing Ex Girlfriend To Death

A juvenile man is booked for murdering his girlfriend after she broke up with him

The Wisconsin resident was charged with killing his girlfriend just hours after informing her sister she broke up with him.

Menomonee Falls police were informed to the victim’s apartment just before midnight by 20-year-old Hasani Monroe, who claimed that the victim “grabbed a knife and stabbed me,” according to the criminal case.

The officers tried to retrieve the victim but failed to do so

When they arrived, they found that the victim was either unresponsive or breathing with a stab in the upper chest near the heart and a large bump on the head. Emergency personnel tried to save lives but were unsuccessful.

Police said Monroe also reported several injuries. None of the injuries were serious and he received medical treatment and was released into custody.

Officers discovered multiple sharp objects

Police found several knives in the living room of the apartment and a set of knives in the kitchen sink. The victim’s mother told police that the couple had been dating for about three years and lived in the same apartment complex, but not in the same apartment.

The victim’s sister said the victim told him around 8 pm. she broke all ties with Monroe.

He then urged the emergency services to “come as soon as possible”, saying “now breathe”.


Monroe was formally charged Friday with first-degree murder and sentenced to $ 500,000 in cash at the Waukesha County Jail. He is expected to appear in court for a preliminary hearing on October 2.

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