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The Walking Dead: World Beyond! 5 early Spoilers About The Spin-Off

Although the release date for The Walking Dead movies has yet to be confirmed or named, there is plenty around it. As is the anticipation around the spin-off series, World Beyond, which has been delayed due to the coronavirus. The films, which will have three, will focus on the character of Rick Grimes, who was last seen in a helicopter with Jady in an undisclosed location. And the spin-off series will focus on the first generation to come of age in Apocalypse. Promising to answer lots of questions and introduce new stories, it’s easy to see why fans are so excited.

However, they also focus on ensuring that the franchise is not watered down and the story continues to be told engagingly.

1. Doing Justice to Rick’s character

The films have to do justice to the character of Rick, who was central to The Walking Dead from the beginning. We have seen Rick grow enormously and we must make sure to see Rick with similar values ​​in the movies.

Will movies be able to do the character justice and not make him the character of a specific action movie? We hope they can. But we are nervous that the incineration of a great movie could turn Rick into something he is not.

2. Living in the new character series

Films and World Beyond will feature a new role as characters. Are they going to live up to the people we’ve already met in the series? Will we also see older people, such as health, who disappeared from The Walking Dead without explanation?

Movies attract renowned actors, but The Walking Dead universe will only work with the unknown. We don’t want to see a high-flying Brad Pitt or Tom Cruise. And we’re terrified of a show based on young characters, which makes the spin-off look like a teen drama.

3. Finding out where Rick is

The last time we saw Rick, he was seriously injured and was lying on the ground. The Jedis rescued him, put him in a helicopter, and flew in from somewhere. But where? We can not only wait to find out where Rick is, but what his reaction is when he realizes that he is still alive and has been evacuated.

Will you be grateful? Angry? Desperate to get your family back? Are you curious about your new home? This will probably be a combination of all of the above. And we can’t wait to see who Rick will be: really angry, biting your neck like a piece of chicken Rick, or getting confused and drowning Rick?

4. Reduce the chain

The Walking Dead already has a spin-off: Fair the Walking Dead. Do these films and another spin-off dilute things so much that it seems excessive (forgive the punishment)?

There is only a lot of The Walking Dead that we can take and during each series, and soon the movies will explore a different part of the world and a different group and how each one deals with the apocalypse, the risk of things becoming cheaper. Movies can greatly glorify things for the big screen, while new series can be repeated with stories we’ve seen before.

5. Rick’s ending is unsatisfactory

The movie will probably mark the end of Rick’s story. And assuming all three movies were released before the series ended, Rick is unlikely to return home. Doing so would promote continuity issues with the series, and handling it as a flash-forward would come long before the series ended.

This means that Rick dissolves in limbo and we don’t know what happens to him or dies. It can be frustrating to finish the movies on Cliffhanger and find it cheaper to end them with Rick Dead (again). Either way, I cut it, there is concern that the ending may not be satisfying enough for fans.

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