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The Walking Dead Season 10: End Is Near! Here’s What Can Happen In The Last Episode

AMC’s The Walking Dead will end its tenth season ahead of time, with the network citing coronavirus fuel stops. The coronavirus, known as COVID-19, has caused many problems in the entertainment industry.

Essentially, all television series has ceased to occur, especially filming.

Some may continue post-production with team members working from home. However, other shows have been unable to do so, leaving the episode with full filming, but the effects and other things are in limbo. It took place on The CW’s Supernatural, which is in the middle of its final season. As a result, the cast and crew members will have to return at a later date to complete work on the series.

The Walking Dead franchise has already been affected by Coronavirus.

Her female-directed spin-off series The Walking Dead: World Beyond premiered on April 12, the same day as The Walking Dead Finale. However, AMC recently promoted the premiere later this year, possibly due to the coronavirus and its impact on production. The Walking Dead: The World Beyond is a limited series set in a different state than The Walking Dead, with its broadcast, the network had some space.

Now, it seems like The Walking Dead Finale won’t air that night. According to a statement shared on The Walking Dead’s Twitter, Finale will not be employed due to a coronavirus. The show aired episode 13 in a 16-episode season last Sunday. See AMC’s post about Season 10 from the beginning of the season:

In addition to production closings, delays in movies have become common, especially in recent weeks.

Almost all major releases have been postponed until early summer. On this day, Warner Bros. announced the delay for Wonder Woman 1984. Originally scheduled for June, it will now launch in August, provided the coronavirus is under control by then. The news is coming that theater chains across the country have closed their doors indefinitely. This means that the studio did not have many options. However, some are avoiding the problem entirely by releasing their movies early on home video.

Although fans are disappointed to hear this news about The Walking Dead’s conclusion, it shouldn’t be that surprising. Networks like CW have already begun to change broadcast times in response to the coronavirus crisis. As the close approached the end of the season, many people find themselves in a similar place, like The Walking Dead, only one or two episodes avoid fulfilling their original command. The good news is that fans will see something later this year when the end of season 10 finally arrives.

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