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The Umbrella Academy: Here Are Best Potential Theories For Season 3

Umbrella Academy is the latest Netflix original series based on The Umbrella Academy comic since its inception in 2019. It attracts a lot of audience attention due to its story, actors, characters, and time travel theory.

When the season of The Umbrella Academy launched on February 1, 2019, it was one of the most trending web series in Netflix’s collection, with more than 50 million viewed within months of its release. Following the success of the first season, Steve Blackman, creator, and producer of The Umbrella Academy, decided to create the franchise.

Netflix has yet to make the official announcement for Umbrella Academy season 3, but there is a chance we will see the Hargreev brothers more polymorphisms threatening Earth. The first season was a success, but the second was even bigger: The Umbrella Academy has been reported to have become Netflix’s biggest series since The Witcher.

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The expected release date of The Umbrella Academy season 3:

Since there has been no renewal yet, there is also no release date. Season 1 started in February 2019. Season 2 started in July 2024. It’s only 18 months between seasons. Therefore, current estimates, assuming there will be no filming delays due to the coronavirus, will place season 3 somewhere around December 2024.

Potential theories for The Umbrella Academy Season 3:

With two world apocalypses on average, there’s a good chance that The Umbrella Academy season 3 has an agenda to prevent some Armageddon. Anything will feel like an anticlimax.

As for the theory where this show will come from, it’s hard to say. The speculation involves Lila, who was revealed to be Hargreaves’ long-lost brother. She escaped at the end of season 2, and fans hope she finds her way to The Umbrella Academy. Or maybe it already is: Ben’s new siblings at The Sparrow Academy were left in the shadows when season 2 ended. Maybe Lila is among them?

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