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The Ultimate Guide To Creating Instagram Video Ads

Instagram is a wonderful platform to post video ads as it helps in driving awareness and in generating sales. Do you know a video ad generates about seven times more viewership than other mediums? However, you should understand that you cannot attain your goals just by posting a video. 

Tips to Create Best Instagram Video Ads. 

  1. The videos should be short and straightforward. Remember that the more the length of the video, the lesser is the watch time. 
  2. You should create a good impression in the first few seconds of the video. It is the first few seconds that count. 
  3. Your ads should not try to cover too much ground in a single ad. This will put off the users. It is vital that you focus on one thing at a time. 
  4. Most users have audio muted. Hence, it is better to add captions or subtitles but the texts should be short and sweet. 

Instagram Video Ad Formats. 

  1. InVideo Maker – Instagram videos achieve high views only when it is interesting enough to make it worth their time. With InVideo maker, it sure is a child’s play. With over a thousand templates, images, stickers and text boxes to choose from bringing the creative artist in you in just 5 minutes. 

Select your cheerful colour, and go sales!

  1. Instagram stories – This is the entry point to Instagram video ads. Video ads in Instagram Stories are short with a duration of 15 seconds or less. They appear for 24 hours and are the best choice for short-term promotion ads. With their full screen and vertical format, you can share videos and inspire the users to take action. They are very helpful in redirecting the users to the brand page as they are linked with the swipe-up option. 

There are three sizing formats that include

  • Square
  • Landscape and 
  • Vertical 

The lowest resolution is 600×1067 pixels but the best resolution that is recommended is 1080×1920 pixels. You have the option of enhancing the videos with special effects like face filters and text overlay etc. Using Instagram Story maker and Instagram Video  maker of InVideo, you can create Instagram Story ads like a pro. 

  1. In-Feed Video Ads – In this format, ads are placed inside feeds itself. The ads are placed at the beginning or in the middle or at the end of the feed. The ads can be seen without causing intrusion to the feed allowing the users to continue reading. As they blend with the feed they are perfect for targeting your audience and for creating brand awareness. You should make sure that the video blends with the feed naturally and that they are not over promotional. The size and specs are: 
  • For square video 

Resolution – 600 x 750

Aspect ratio – 4:5

Maximum size and length – 4GB/60 seconds

  • For landscape video

Resolution – 600 x 315

Aspect ratio – 1:91:1

Maximum size and length – 4GB/60 seconds

  • For vertical video

Resolution – 600 x 600

Aspect ratio – 4:5

Max size and length – 4GB/60 seconds.

  • Instagram Carousel ads – In this format, you get the option of adding multiple videos or photos in a single ad. This format is the right choice when you want to highlight the versatility of a brand or a product. When you use two or more images and videos you can tell a deeper story and you can showcase your product in different lights. When there is a sequence of photos and videos the users will be able to retain more visuals of the product. This is beneficial both to the advertisers and the potential buyers. Make sure the videos are cohesive, engaging and attractive. The size and specs are:

Resolution – 1080 x 1080 minimum

Carousel ratio – 1:1

Max size and length – 4GB/60 seconds

  • IGTV Ads – This format has been introduced by Instagram to bring the users closer to the sellers. With the viewership of TVs decreasing and the viewership of digital videos increasing, IGTV ads are gaining a lot of popularity. IGTV is in a vertical format and starts playing as soon as you open. This format is useful for both users and advertisers. Earlier, the videos on Instagram were short in length. Videos in IGTV can be up to one-hour in length. Advertisers cannot use their YouTube videos that they created meticulously. As an advertiser, you can post your YouTube videos without any editing. The size and specs are: 

Aspect ratio – 4:5 to 9:16

Small account maximum size and length – 15 seconds to 10 mins

Big account maximum size and length – 650 MB for 10 minutes and lesser and 3.6 GB for up to 60 minutes.

  • Slideshow Ads – This format helps in telling a story by combining multiple images with text and sound. You can combine up to 10 images in an animated sequence and tell a story to promote your brand and product. You have photo slideshow maker tools from InVideo to create slideshows easily. Slideshow ads are cheaper and simpler.
  • Collection Ads – This format gives the option of buying directly through the ad. These ads are a combination of images, videos, and click to buy marketing in a single platform. When the users click on the ad, the users are taken to Instagram Storefront. This format is useful for users to find, browse, and buy products easily from their mobile devices instantly.

Creating video ads on Instagram is easier with InVideo Instagram Video making tools. Use them to create unique and interesting ads to capture the attention of potential buyers. With this, it is very easy to get to your first 10k Followers.

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