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The Society Season 2: Possibilities Of Revival After Cancelation

The mystery teen drama series, The Society, made its debut on the streaming giant Netflix’s platform last year in May. The teen drama series gained several followers on its arrival. The Society was initially ordered as a two seasons series by the broadcasting giant. The fans and followers of the teen drama series were looking forward to watching the second season of The Society on the broadcasting giant’s platform soon. But, recently, the series was canceled by the streaming giant. Here is everything we know about the sudden cancelation of The Society by Netflix and the chances of its revival.

The Society: Why Did Netflix Cancel The Teen Drama Series?

The Society made its debut on Netflix last year in May. The series received good reviews from the viewers and gained several followers. As the teen drama was ordered as a two series project, the followers of The Society were looking forward to watching the new season of the series soon. But, the broadcasting giant recently decided to cancel the series. The reason behind the sudden cancelation of the teen drama series is the spread of the coronavirus. Many other series have suffered from a similar fate due to the ongoing global pandemic.

The Society Season 2, Filming Stopped, Resume Doubtful Now


The Society: is There A Chance Of Revival Of The Show?

The revival of the teen drama series seems unlikely soon. The concept was in Chris Keyser’s mind for a long time. The series was initially to be created for Showtime but never took off. Later, Netflix picked up the series for its platform. Chris Keyser, the creator of the teen drama series, is hopeful to create the second season of The Society sometime in the future.

The Society: Chris Keyser On The Sudden Cancelation Of The Series

The cast was set to begin shooting in March when the spread of COVID 19 stopped the shoot. After the resumption of work, the cast ready to resume the work, but the broadcasting giant canceled the series. Chris Keyser recently spoke about the sudden cancelation of The Society. He said that he has seen several cancelations in his past, but the cancelation of The Society was tough for him. He is hopeful to make the second season sometime in the future.

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