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Beyoncé Dropped A Surprise Single Named ‘Black Parade’

Juneteenth or June 19, every year marks the day to celebrate the freedom of African-Americans since 1862. It was a huge achievement made by the Black people who have been discriminated against and have always been exploited to racial discrimination.

Beyoncé’s Black parade

On this day, the whole world has seen many amazing things from celebrities and from many other personalities who have never failed to surprise their fans. On Juneteenth 2024, the famous singer Beyonce launched her single to commemorate the day. The song titled Black Parade is a 5 minutes long song whose few lines the singer herself sang for her fans and viewers.

Source: The Hindu

Song Is Dedicated To Black People

She said that the song would help all the Black people out there to grow up their livelihood as she attached numerous links to various businesses to support the Black people. This time Juneteenth has been widely recognized and came to limelight after protests began against the Minneapolis, who murdered a man named George Floyd on May 25, 2024. This brutal murder enraged all the people worldwide, and mass gatherings were held despite the coronavirus or COVID-19 pandemic.

Beyoncé Is Known For Her Suprise Singles

The singer has continuously been involved in a lot of charity work to help out the people. Beyonce single came again as a surprise this time as this is not the first time that the singer had released her songs without giving any prior information. And there is, of course, great excitement attached to it when something surprisingly turns up and that from one of your favorite singers.

The protest in America against the brutal death of Geroge Floyd has not yet come to an end. Officials are still trying hard to control the chaos at some of the prominent places in America, including Washington. During these days, apart from George Floyd’s death, many other cases were reported where police officers showed the same kind of brutality to the black people.

Many have come in support of this protest and have stood will all those who have suffered, who are suffering, and who might suffer from the police brutality. Among other celebrities, World’s Richest Man, Jeff Bezos also came out in support and proudly hailed the slogan, Black Lives Matter.

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