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The Social Dilemma: Should You Quit Social Media?

Here is what we know about the documentary called The Social Dilemma on the streaming giant Netflix!

Well, well, well, as all the people who have already watched the new documentary on the streaming giant Netflix called The Social Dilemma which has been created by Jeff Orlowski must be all well aware of the fact that it pretty much looks like the myriad paths that are mind is all twisted as well as twirled in because we are all present on various sorts of social media platforms.

Most of the strategies, that we all saw on the concept of the film were Actually worked out pretty intentionally even though their extreme efficiency was not seen by anybody beforehand. One of the most unintended consequence which we can see at this point in our generation has flowed in actually from the Like Button, yes, it just had to get an invention just like we have a period or even An exclamation point.

Here is what Justin Rosenstein has to say about creating the Like Button!

We all know how this thing actually speaks with the special eloquence to the broader nature of the whole problem which we all are suffering from.

Netflix's 'The Social Dilemma' will make you want to smash your phone


While this button was put under the process of development, we are narrated by Justin Rosenstein who has led the effort at Facebook as an engineering manager, the team only had one goal in mind and that was to spread positivity as well as love in the whole world.

No one would even ever imagine at that time that teens today would actually become depressed because they are not getting enough likes on their posts or maybe pictures.

Should we stop using social media or not?

So, now the main question arises, should we actually stop using all the social media platforms? The answer is clearly no because we can not. Our whole lives depend on it. But the thing that we can do is restrict what we see and instead of being on the phone, spend time with people who are actually around us.

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