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The Simpsons: Alf Clausen Accused Producers For Telling Lies About Firing Him From The Show

Here is what we know about the lawsuit that has been filed against Disney as well as Fox by Alf Clausen!

Well, well, well, as approximately everyone living on the planet Earth is well aware of the saying that says no business is anything like the show business at all. Although it could be considered that show business is mostly speech sort of business but what passes by an entertainment producer is free speech, and you can keep some acts of discrimination handy.

Also, this stuff is not always bright, and we are saying this after looking at the case posed by Alf Clausen, who is 79 years in age and was then fired from the creation crew of the animated sitcoms called The Simpsons. This incident happened after 27 years if him serving the task of a composer for the series.

Here is what Alf Clausen has described this particular discrimination lawsuit to the media!

The lawsuit that Clausen has filed is now heading towards a critical hearing that is set to happen just next week. Clausen looks undercut to positioning Fox that this particular dispute relates to an essential issue of the First Amendment.

Alf Clausen Accuses Producers Of Continuing To Lie About Why He ...

As of right now, a potential lawsuit has been filed against Disney as well as its divisions that control the project of Fox Studios that the reason they fired him from the creative board of The Simpsons was because of his age along with the discrimination posed by disability.

Here is why Alf Clausen thinks he was fired from his position as a composer in The Simpsons!

The musician has also revealed the information that he has been diagnosed with a disease called Parkinson, and he is now raising a finger on how the producers of Simpsons just let him leave because they were much in favor of the company of Hans Zimmer.

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