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The Red Door: CALL OF DUTY 2024 Leak Is Making The Fans Go Crazy

Call of Duty 2024, called Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, leaked online, again, through the Xbox One store last night. He said that beyond these broader and more prominent details, the leak also reveals some interesting and remarkable fine details. If the alpha download is so big, how big will the full game download be? The answer is: very big. The amount of space Call of Duty: Modern Warfare demands are pretty much a meme right now.

The list also includes the following game descriptions:

“There is more than one truth. If you are looking for an answer, be prepared to question everything and accept that nothing will be the same. The red door is waiting, can you pass? Do you dare?” As you can see, this description is not only very vague, but correct with the black ops mark. Unfortunately, this is where the interesting and featured details end, but this should change soon. At the latest, we’ll see a new Call of Duty sometime next month. Meanwhile, some rumors suggest it will happen on Thursday.

Other Details About it?

Therefore, Call of Duty 2024 via PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC is slated to launch sometime this year. Click here for more news, rumors, leaks and all kinds of coverage on all news, or see the relevant links below:

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