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The Queen’s Gambit Season 1: What Could We Expect From Period Drama

With the other broadcasting players coming into the picture, the streaming giant Netflix has been introducing several original films and series on its platform to keep its subscribers entertained. A few months back, the streaming giant had launched a documentary film based on the two chess players. Now, the streaming giant is planning on taking its viewers to the history. Netflix is soon launching a drama mini-series titled The Queen’s Gambit. The drama mini-series is arriving on the broadcasting giant’s platform soon. Here is everything we know about the drama mini-series, The Queen’s Gambit.

The Queen’s Gambit: When Is The Drama Mini-Series Arriving On The Streaming Giant’s Platform?

The drama mini-series, The Queen’s Gambit is making its debut on the streaming giant’s platform in fall this year. The mini-series will be available for the subscribers of the broadcasting giant’s platform from October 23.