The Punisher Season 3? Are There Any Possibilities?

Hola Marvel fans! The fans were waiting for an update on the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) web series The Punisher which is another character based on the Marvel comic books.

We know that Marvel Studios has taken over the online streaming platforms also and is launching several web series in a continuation of its films and other web shows. The Punisher is an inclusion in the same line that got a Netflix release. The show became a hit among the fans, and we got two seasons of it.

Plot Of The Punisher TV Show

It revolves around a man named Frank Castle who uses legal tactics to become The Punisher and avenge the murderers who killed his family. But soon he realizes that there is even a deeper conspiracy hiding behind the curtail and it needs to be stopped.

Source: Netflix

Renewal Status Of The Punisher Season 3

However, as we were waiting for an update on a third season, it was informed that Netflix canceled the show after two seasons. Ofcourse it is sad news as it was a highly anticipated renewal which is now happening.

But we hope that since Disney owns Marvel and it is soon going to launch several web series of thr Marvel Studios, maybe in future Disney Plus might come up with new seasons of it. But for the time being, the show stands canceled.

Cast In The Punisher Season 3

It stars

  • Jon Bernthal as Frank Castle or the titular character,
  • Ebon Moss Bachrach as David Lieberman,
  • Ben Barnes as Billy Russo,
  • Amber Rose Revah as Dinah Madani and other artists as well.
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The Punisher also serves as a spin-off to Marvel’s Daredevil. So you can for now watch the first two seasons if you haven’t. The show has been successfully able to garner applause and appreciation from the viewers worldwide. Though the makers have canceled the show for the third season, there are times when the makers have renewed the previously canceled seasons. This was done keeping in mind the huge demand by the fans who were not ready to accept the cancelation. Let us hope the same would happen with this show.

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