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The Punisher: As Per Reports, Marvel Planning To Reboot The Series With Jon Bernthal

Marvel has always found The Punisher, one of its best action characters to launch in real action. John Bernthal received his own solo series, which lasted two seasons.

The general consensus is that The Walking Dead star was the best punishment we’ve seen on a country mile so far, and the actor himself made it clear that he would have loved to relaunch the role in the future.

Jon Bernthal could become a part of the series!

With the right to fall back into the hands of Marvel Studios, it is constantly speculated that Bernthal may be retained when Punisher finally reboots and is absorbed into the MCU, and now a new report claims the studio is indeed looking forward to it. She has to return for a new show that will not connect to her previous career.

Marvel REBOOTING Punisher with Jon Bernthal, the actor CONFIRMED ...
Source: Gizmo Blaze

Marvel will make series based on War journal!

Marvel is currently thinking of making an adult-focused Punisher series which will be based on the War Journal comic and could be sent to FX or Hulu to allow the character to retain its violent powers.

That is understandable given that Disney Plus isn’t exactly an ideal location for someone like Frank Castle and fans would reject a diluted version anyway.

All very exciting, without a doubt, and although nothing can still be officially confirmed, this is not the first time that we have heard much to return to the Bernthal fold and play Punish again.

It was being considered further, not to mention the fact that Deadpool 3 makes it increasingly likely that the MCU is finally ready to take the plunge and venture into the R-rank zone.

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