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The Order: Every Character That Might Return For Season 3?

It came as an unexpected one! We are talking about the supernatural drama The Order. Another original web series curated by Netflix, the online streaming platform itself, didn’t expect it to be such a success among the viewers. And what they did in return?

We got a second season, which was launched on June 18, 2024. The story is progressing at a reasonable speed with so many mysteries and possibilities yet to unfold. And this is what that is keeping the viewers curious as to what would happen next.

Renewal Status Of The Order Season 3

It has been just a month since the launch of a second season, and fans have started hoping for a season three. However, there is no update from Netflix of their intention to come up with a new season, but seeing the success the show has garnered makes the possibility stronger.

The Order
Source: Netflix

Expected Release Date Of The Order Season 3

But you would have to wait since the ongoing Coronavirus or COVID-19 pandemic has washed away all the planning, and things have got delayed. So the release shifts for a 2024 one with no apt period to be anticipated.

Characters Coming Back On The Order Season 3

Talking about the characters, we assume that Jack would be able to bring Alyssa back to life. Since Alyssa would be back, Vera would go back to her to take repossession of her powers from the former. Also, Lilith could be shown to go back to hell. This makes the way that all the leading and strong characters would be making a comeback.

The Order is a horror drama wherein a college student joins a secret society that practices dark arts and magic. But as he moves into it, he gets aware of many secrets that the organization holds. The show stars;

  • Jake Manley,
  • Sarah Grey,
  • Katherine Isabelle,
  • Thomas Elms, and others.

Well, everything would be too early to anything about the cast members as the makers have not yet revealed anything regarding the third season. Till then you can watch the earlier released season on the streaming giants.

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