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Japanese Wrestler And Terrace House Alum Hana Kimura Passed Away At Just 22

Under a sad turn of events, Hana Kimura who is a professional Japanese wrestler who appeared in the latest series of Netflix’s reality show Terrace House has died at the young age of 22.

Professional Japanese Wrestler Hana Kimura Has Passed Away At 22.

The cause of death is still yet to be disclosed by the authorities. The speculation regarding her death has taken a rather controversial turn in these past few days. The young wrestler has issued a series of troubling social media posts implying she had been cyber-bullied for quite a while now.

The Young Celeb Was A Victim Of Severe Cyber Bullying Creating An Array Of Controversies.

Moreover, the wrestler last posted a rather cryptic post in her Instagram account with her cat and captioned the picture as Goodbye. Fans have been raising their voice in concern as Kimura reportedly posted images of self-harm on Twitter along with messages that said that she just wanted to be loved. It was a life and she doesn’t want to be human anymore. It is indeed heartbreaking to see what she went through before ever death.

Kimura’s death at such a young age had raised concerns amongst fans and celebs alike. Everyone is talking about the effects of cyberbullying on mental health. People are posting tweets and throwing light upon the tragic incident that took away such a young talent so soon. With Kimura’s taken she had a lot to give to the world but was taken away too soon. Take a look at this post and what fans have to say about Kimura’s untimely death.

The Whole World Is Raising Questions About Such A Tragic Dead And Online Negativity.

Moreover, Her death and all the events followed have raised serious questions about the nature of her death. Most of the posts made by the young celeb have been deleted this raising some major suspicion amongst fans. Celebs have also voiced their concern regarding the whole bullying. Death is being a real eye-opener about depression and the aftermath of a severe cyberbullying that happened for a long time with this young celeb.

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