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The Old Guard Star Charlize Theron On Not Dating Anyone Since 5 Years

Here is what we know about Charlize talking about having a relationship!

Well, well, well, as of right now, we have actress Charlize Theron who is opening up about her views that she has on dating these days.

Charlize, who has worked in very successful projects such as The Old Guard, went on to give an appearance on The Drew Barrymore Show back on Thursday.

Here, at this place, she opened up about her love life and told how it has been a while since she has actually dated a person.

Here is how Theron has not started any significant relationship for at least 5 years now!

Theron says that she has been on a few dates but she has not dated anybody with a serious commitment for over five years. After this sentence made by Charlize, we had an excited Barrymore who replied that he has not dated anybody too.

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Quite a few years ago, there was a lot of news about how Charlize is in a longterm relationship with Stuart Townsend, and their arc ranged from 2002 till 2010 which is a pretty long time. Then these guys broke up while Charlize got into something serious with Sean Penn from 2013 to 2015.

Here is what Charlize Theron wants in a man that she is ever going to date!

Even though Theron has said that she is always open to dating people, she also noted the fact that anyone she gets in a relationship with, has to be pretty special.

Charlize says that she feels like she is in a place in her life where everyone needs to come in with a lot of games. She even went on to say that she is not talking about the kind of game where the person is all like how his life is really good and we should better be able to bring that and maybe even something that is really better than that because obviously, Charlize says she is not going to accept something which is less than it.

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