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The Flash Season 7: Creator Talks About Godspeed Mystery For The New Season

According to showrunner Eric Wallace, Flash will screen the identification of a villain throughout season 7. During the show’s panel on DC FanDome, Wallace landed rogue sprinter Godspeed.

Wallace said during the panel: “I don’t like the spoiler, let’s just say there was a certain sprinter who was wearing a white dress, whose clones turned up.” Actually, Team Flash has to cope with it, however we by no means stuck an actual guy or girl. Let’s just say we could find out this season.”

The Flash Season 7: Major Villain's Return In The Upcoming Season, Plot Details & Release Date
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The expected release date of The Flash Season 7:

The coronavirus epidemic has created a niche for those who work for the show, like much other television series around the world. Traditionally, seasons of The Flash will debut in the fall in October as part of the CW fall schedule.

However, due to the global lockdown, The Flash, along with several other shows, were impressed and had their premiere dates pushed back. The show is scheduled to arrive in January 2024, but other than that, there is no firm date.

Who is going to be the villain in The Flash Season 7?

Since Eva McCulloch’s Mirror Master isn’t wrapped up in the story, it’s possible that she could be the season’s big spoiler again, but the summaries above promise “a powerful and devastating new threat.” At the very least, we expect it to appear in the new season, whether for traditional villains or not.

But then Godspeed got upset about a recent episode that needs to be reckoned with. Can the show finally correct Godspeed? Or are you working for another untested sprinter?

The expected storyline of The Flash Season 7:

At the end of season 6, Team Flash was tried (and failed), to stop Eva and pull Iris out of the mirrors, without much forward movement either. Eva manages to kill her husband and it is unclear what other plans she has for Central City. Meanwhile, Iris was working with Kamila to find Singh and escape.

Iris was inside the mirror world, however, her neurological disparity worsened and the end of the unexpected season 6 disappeared before Kamila’s eyes. The next episode will reveal where he must have gone, but now fans will have to wait too long to find out.

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