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The OA Season 3: Latest News Buzz On Its Release Date, Cast, And The Amazing Plot

Fans have been dying to hear something about the new season 3 release of the OA, this is one of Netflix’s most rated shows, and well we won’t doubt a bit as to why.

The OA is a fantastic blend of genres, It is a drama based series but it also seamlessly integrates sci-fi and fantasy elements into its plot. This keeps the show unpredictable, and the fans engaged and enthusiastic for what’s next to come.


The OA first debuted on Netflix back on December 16, 2016, with eight episodes and viewers were thrilled with Netflix for creating such a fantastic show, Netflix too was overwhelmed by the positive reviews and ratings the show got them.

It took almost two and a half years for the show to be renewed for its season two as the eight new episodes that did drop on March 22, 2019, the story naturally picked up from where it left in season one.

Season two enticed the audience and left them on a cliffhanger with a promise of a season three on its way, but looks like the viewers will have to wait a long time.


Well, we do have some disappointing news, Brit Marling, who is the star of the show as well as an executive producer, expressed her disappointment via Instagram about the future of the show.

In the post she writes that Netflix will not be continuing The OA and she is despondent for not being able to finish the story, she is overwhelmed with these emotions as she worked very hard on the show. We, as fans, are equally disappointed by this news.

The OA’s supporting cast of Emory Johnson, Scott Wilson, Phyllis Smith, Alice Krige, Patrick Gibson and Jason Isaacs will move on to other projects now that the show has been cancelled.

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