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The Last Dance: We Rank The Best Moments From Michael Jordan’s Documentary

Documentary Michael Jordan: 5 best moments of “The Last Dance”, from pure emotion to pure spirit

One of the most famous sports documentaries in history came to an end on Sunday evening.

With the official completion of the story, however, let’s take a look at the moments that stood out the most. Everyone will have their own parts that suit them best, but this is a pretty good section of the funniest snapshots of one of the most popular sports documentaries of all time.

1. Jordan breaks down

after the victory of Father’s Day

One thing many of us were looking for in this documentary was Jordan’s vulnerability. We know the person – competitiveness, the talk about rubbish, greatness – but behind it, there is a person who has to deal with real-life like the rest of us. We didn’t see much in “The Last Dance”, but a sequel took a look at Michael Jordan instead of Air Jordan. After winning the 1996 title in Sonics at Father’s Day, Jordan presented the mixed emotions of his first title since his father’s death with uncontrollable tears in the locker room. You’ve probably seen the video before, but listening to the sound was really moving.

2. Jordan’s colorful words for Isiah Thomas

The rivalry between Jordan and Issa Thomas is well documented in the documentary, but the best moment comes when a video of Thomas is offered to Jordan explaining why he and his gun teammates refused to shake Taurus’s hand after their defeat. to the Eastern Conference finals in 1991. Jordan didn’t watch the video for a second before replying.

3. Stogie and a baseball bat

Knowing Jordan so much both on and off the pitch, it’s easy to forget how strong he was. At the beginning of the documentary, they showed Jordan’s interview about the perceived gambling problem and does everything by wearing a pair of sunglasses inside. The coolest photo in the 10-day series, however, may have been when Jordan sat in his closet to discuss the art of talking about garbage while playing a cigar and spending half a cradle with a baseball bat. The regular R&B of the 90s played in the background makes it almost perfect.

4. Kobe calls Jordan “big brother”

Prepare the fabrics. The entire sequel to the Kobe Bryant documentary was exciting, but there was hardly any dry eye across the country when Bryant described his relationship with Jordan. There was a moment before the 1998 All-Star Game, Bryant’s first when Jordan criticized “Lacker’s kid” for selfishness, but clearly it didn’t stop Jordan from offering his guide to the next big star in the League.

5. Jordan gives Gus the ball of the game

Especially after his father’s death, Jordan found a paternal figure in personal guard Gus Lett. Despite battling lung cancer, Lett managed to watch Bulls game 7 on the Indiana Pacers in the 1998 Eastern Conference finals, a series which Jordan declared to be the most difficult in 13 years. Jordan then found Lett and gave him the ball of the game, making it one of the most moving moments in the documentary.

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