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The Kissing Booth: We Ranked Top 3 Kisses From The First Part!

The 2018 American teen romantic comedy, The Kissing Booth is a series about a girl named Elle King who happens to be a late bloomer, who has never been kissed before. She happens to have a secret crush on her best friend’s elder brother. Although the movie has been criticized by most of the critics thinking about the storyline being misogynistic and cliched, the film still has a big commercial success by Netflix because the teenage fans have been widely watching the series. And now, the second season of the series has also been renewed by Netflix.

Top Three Kisses from the First Part

First was when Elle cuts her face while fixing Noah’s bike, and Lee comes in, and they both get into a fight. Lee later sees both of them kissing and realizes that he has been made a fool by the two all this time and breaks friendship with them.

The second was when they again kissed while rapping up at the Booth. Elle sees Noah with some other girl and gets angry to see them together, and she walks out. Looking at her, Noah follows her, and they both take shelter in a park, and he tells her that he is in love with her, but she again gets angry as the guard shows up and says him not to bring girls to the park.

The Kissing Booth 2
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And the third when the kissing booth was set up for the fundraiser where the most popular girls were to participate in the Booth who agreed on the condition of having Noah also at the Booth. But on the day, Noah got absent, and so the girls decide to send Elle out and see an unattractive guy approaching for the kiss. Elle was blindfolded and went to him, and all of a sudden, Noah comes in and kisses her.

Who Be Will In The Kissing Booth Season 2?

It has already been confirmed that all the favorite characters of the Kissing Booth are going to be seen once again in season two. These include Jacob Elordi as Noah Flynn and Joey King as Elle Evans. Others include Molly Ringwald playing as Meredith Flynn, Taylor Zakhar Perez playing as Marco, Maisie Richardson – Sellers playing as Chloe, Joel Courtney playing Lee Flynn and Meganee Young to play Young Rachel.

The Kissing Booth Season 2 Release:

The comedy romantic drama story of Elle Evans, Noah Flynn, and Lee will be much more fun with more exciting kisses and romantic scenes in its all-new season. The season has been officially renewed, and the release date for the movie is declared to be 24th of July, 2024, that is tomorrow only. The fans must be excited today to hit the clock 12 fast tonight. Let’s wait to see what happens and what new things happen in the new season of Kissing Booth.

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