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The Duchess: Meet The Complete Cast Of The New Netflix Show

Here is a description of all the characters employed in the new Netflix show called The Duchess!

Well, well, well, as all the people who have already binge-watched the show called The Duchess on the streaming giant Netflix must be well aware of the fact that Katherine Ryan, who is a Canadian comedian is actually swapping up a sitcom which is also a stand-up comedy in the form if her first scripted series.


The Duchess release date | When does Katherine Ryan's show land on Netflix? - Radio Times

Katherine is actually stylish as well as a single mother who is pretty independent and lives in London along with her little daughter whose name is Olive. Katherine has to share her daughter with the biggest enemy of her life, that is Shep who is a member of the former boyband. She also has a desire to have a second child but obviously has her doubts about considering Shep for this task.

2. Shep

The Duchess on Netflix cast | Who stars in new Katherine Ryan comedy? - Radio Times


Now, the questions come out asking aloud who it Shep? Shep is actually a former musician who has risen to fame with the boyband called True Say but as of right now, we all witness him living as a disheveled man whose life is all off the grid. He is always drinking beer and getting himself indulged in conspiracy theories.

3. Olive

The Duchess on Netflix cast | Who stars in new Katherine Ryan comedy? - Radio Times

Now we all want to know who Olive is. Well, she is the precocious young child of Katherine and her father is Shep. Olive is so desperate to have a sibling and in this show, we find her character and her interests clashing over the love life of her mother.

4. Evan

The Duchess on Netflix cast | Who stars in new Katherine Ryan comedy? - Radio Times

We also have a man named Evan in the show who is a long term boyfriend of Katherine. He is a dentist and wants to be more involved with Katherine as well as Olive while he also hopes to become a family member somewhere in the near future.

5. Steve Raskopoulos

The Australian Comedian called Steve Raskopoulos is also available in the show and contributes to the comedy that we are all expecting from The Dutchess.

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