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The Cuphead Show: Netflix Revealed The Brand New Look Of The Upcoming Animated Series

Here is all that a person needs to know about the upcoming series called The Cuphead Show on Netflix!

Well, well, well, it would be nice for all you guys who love the animated genre to know that in a new promotional video, Netflix has provided all the fans with a sneak peek of the forthcoming television series on the streaming platform. The whole story of this show has been adapted from a video game that was first released back in 2017.

And since that point in time, the Cuphead game has become popular and has even won various awards for its beautiful design for visuals, which has been inspired by the cartoons from the 1930s.

Here is what the story of The Cuphead Show is all about!

The game has a seld explanatory story that throws the entire spotlight on a cup-shaped character called Cuphead as well as his brother, whose name is Mugman. These guys make a foolish deal with the Devil, who happens to be at his casino. This makes them hunt down other people who have a due debt with the Devil, and they have to do this task, or their soul will be gone. The players all happen to fight different types of monsters in a side to side platform that could be scrolled.

The format of this game includes an end at which we are all able to decide if we want to take the side of the Devil or we want to fight back against him. This game, called Cuphead, was received well by the audience as well as the gamers, and its popularity only increased after it was available on the Nintendo Switch that happened to take place in April of last year. As well as know the popular it became between the players as well as the critics who all appreciated it, it was also known for its style of art, and it seems like a perfect match to adapt for television.

Here are the pictures that Netflix has released aboutThe Cuphead Show

This idea met the end of reality at the point in time when the streaming giant Netflix’s animation department announced that they are going to produce a TV show for Cuphead and now we finally have the first sneak peek that we have mentioned down below.

Here's Your First Look At 'The Cuphead Show' On Netflix