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The Boys: Star Karl Urban Opened Up About Rebecca’s Superpowered Son

Here is what we know about the second installment of The Boys on Amazon Prime Video!

Well, well, well, as all the people who are in love with the series called The Boys on the Amazon Prime Video might be well aware of the fact how the first installment of the show left us on a devastating cliffhanger that even the people who read the comic of its tale were not aware of.

As of right now, we were made to witness that the wife of Billy Butcher is still alive and not only that, but she has a son and his biological father is none other than our very own The Homelander.

Here is what we can see in the second season of The boys!

As it already could be guessed, the forthcoming season of the show is going to explore this factor only but we should not get our expectations high that just because she has the son of Becca that Billy will accept it with open arms and develop a nice side while also taking this particular youngster out for baseball games.

The Boys season 2 - release date, cast and all you need to know


Karl Urban happened to be in an interview which was arranged by a fellow mews media outlet called Comic Book and there he opened up about this topic as well as went on to deliver a proper answer suiting the personality of Billy Butcher.

Here is what Karl Urban said about expanding this cliffhanger on the second season of The Boys!

Urban said that he can say this without giving out too much away that what we must understand is that Billy Butcher has a very clear as well as a specific view of supes and he does not like them at all and as we can see that the son of his wife is a super so that part is still a prejudiced one of the fabric of this character.

He went on to say that it is not the one which can easily get brushed to the side in any sort of circumstance and especially not in this one for sure.

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