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The Boys Season 2: The Show Did What Marvel Has Failed To Do All This Time!

The Boys Season 2 did what Marvel has failed to do all this time! What are the updates? Here is everything you should know!

The Boys Season 2 solved the biggest problem of Marvel!

From Marvel to DC, every comic book universe created to date has always focused on ending evil with the help of people, with a strength and power beyond the reach of ordinary humans. From Batman to Captain America, audiences have always encountered such intense power that these greats possess. With immense stability, these superheroes are also represented as “six-packs” and are well-functioning bodies.

This is how Eric Kripke the Boys manages to portray characters in a more realistic and extremely humanistic light according to all the traditional standards of a superhero physique. Deep (one of the characters), is shown with some discrepancies in his body – his gills attached, thus addressing the issue of having a faulty body, despite being a superhero.

How The Boys season 2 tackles one of Marvel's biggest problems
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What are the more updates?

The superhero stereotypes produced by Marvel were a huge success, helping superheroes to fashion in a similar style by promoting a “complete physique” (not to mention, unreal and unattainable). Since season 1, The Boys have been a successful critic of Marvel and the DC Universe, but it is in season 2 that they are particularly engrossed in the problems created by such unimaginable standards.

Superheroes were created to awaken hope in people’s hearts and minds. If this “perfect body” continues to erupt, it will only affect the audience more, as they will suffer body shame and their confidence levels will drop due to insecurity. A healthy enrichment of imperfect bodies would thus convey that being defective is not uncommon, it is only human.

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