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Ragnarok: Season 2 Confirmed On Netflix? Here’s What We Know So Far

After an excellent first season, the fans of the Ragnarok series in Norway hope for a second season. We were confirmed, shortly after the release in March 2024, that Ragnarok was renewed for Season 2. So far, here’s what we know.

Ragnarok is a Norwegian drama series Netflix Original, produced by Adam Price and SAM Productions. The Original is the second full-length Norwegian Netflix series and looks like one of the region’s most famous dramas.

Will There Be A Ragnarok Season 2?

Just a few weeks after the release of Netflix, Netflix announced that a second season is on its way. The streaming service has published multiple photos to promote the show in its different accounts.

Release Date: 

An early renewal would likely keep the show to an annual calendar, plus or minus a couple of months. A lot of work was done for producing Ragnarok, so it will take a second time for SAM Productions to deliver a second season.

We believe that season 2 will arrive at Netflix sometime in 2024.

Plot Details:

**Spoilers Alert**

At the end of the first season, Magne was the chief of the Jutul tribe, Giant Vidar. Just when everything was finished, Magne could use Thor’s strength and called a massive lightning bolt to hit himself and Vidar. What Magne could have killed seemed to have left him unconscious, but Vidar’s fate is not yet known.

Magne will probably eventually have to fight the rest, even though Fjor wants to be a better person. The Jutul family are the only giants we have seen until now, but if the death of Vidar has tremendous effects on their breed, we can expect to see a few giants and other gods. The young warrior continues to discover his strength, and we can assume that he will become stronger.

If he is going to gain power in the second season, all kinds of chaos can be expected. Throughout Scandinavian mythology, although he is a giant, Loki is known as the “trickster god.” When his true identity is exposed, there might be a potential conflict between Magne and Laurits.

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