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The Biggest Loser Season 18: Who Won! Explained!

The season 18 finale of us Network’s weight reduction competition show, have Bob Harper happily informed the father of three and teenagers football instruct that he become the champ of $100,000! DiBattista began his journey on display, weighing in at 385 pounds and become determined to drop the load for himself, his circle of relatives, and his group.

Who Won The Biggest Loser Season 18?

As it was documented in the course of the display’s season, DiBattista didn’t need to grow to be like his folks, who handed away ways too soon. On account of the show’s assist and his assurance, DiBattista accomplished a first-rate physical transformation by dropping 144 kilos.

DiBattista, who turned into thrilled via the results, ran into the audience and gave trainer Erica Lugo an enormous hug ever. The now-241 pound educate went on to hug his spouse and children, who have been moved to tears with the guide of his change.

DiBattista beat out individual competitors Micah Collum and Kyle Yeo, who also had terrific weight loss transformations. Collum lost 99 pounds at a similar time as Yeo misplaced 86 kilos.

Jim DiBattista! Biggest Loser Explained

Later on, DiBattista showed that he misplaced an additional 11 pounds, bringing his total weight reduction to a hundred and fifty-five pounds.

Since I’ve been home, my lifestyle changed drastically. I meal prep, I wake up and am heading off to the gym way earlier, I need to turn out to be a better person,” DiBattista expressed. “Coming lower back into the actual world became surely a change.”

While he stated he almost slipped up at a work dinner, DiBattista said he’s been conscious of what he’s been consuming in see that leaving The Biggest Loser. Also, he turned into so thrilled that he was now able to join his own family at an entertainment park.

“I’m ready to show my children when you emerge as a grown-up, it’s ok to take a touch time for yourself and be sound,” he stated. “Presently, I get to with a touch of luck go to a wedding or two. And, maybe I’ll virtually be a grandparent. It’s so energizing; I can hardly wait!

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