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The Big Flower Flight On Netflix: Release Date And Much More

The largest online streaming platform Netflix would soon be launching another original and one of its kind shows on the small screens. This time, it is a reality show titled The Big Flower Fight.

As the name suggests, it would be a flower sculpting competition wherein the competitors are required to show their best skills to carve out the best from the flowers. Sounds a little interesting, isn’t it!

Release Date Of The Big Flower Flight

The show would be hitting our screens on May 18, 2024, and hosted by the famous comedians Vic Reeves and Natassia Demetriou.

Number Of Episodes

The competition would consist of ten teams who would be assigned a new task in every episode through which they have to curate the best flower installations using the given flowers and other natural materials as well.

What Can We Expect From The Big Flower Flight

Of course, the least fascinating one would be eliminated in every episode. So what will the winners get? This is really interesting, as the winning team would be given the chance to design their own installation to be placed in Royal Botanic Gardens, London.

Basically the whole idea behind such a flower competition is to make the people love these creations which are not given due respect and care which they deserve.

Judges of The Big Flower Flight

Now talking about the judges, it would be Kristen GriffithVanderYacht who would be joined by a new co-judge in every episode; some of the names are Simon Lycett, James Wong, Sophie Walker and others.

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