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The Batman: The Movie Will Set In Different DC Universe

Well, Directed by Matt Reeves, the upcoming independent film will star Robert Pattinson as the next version of Capital Crusaders. Little is known about the details of the Batman plot, which is currently expected to be released next year. Principal photography was in progress when it had to be interrupted for health reasons due to the coronavirus epidemic. With that said, it is reported that the cast and crew will begin filming next month.

In addition to Pattinson’s official look at Batman, not to mention other duos, including the Batman logo, it is also revealed that the legend will build the character in his second year as Bat For a while, fans have been trying to demonstrate how this remake of the DC hero would fit into the already established DCEU continuation, but it has not been officially confirmed that it would exist in its own.

The Movie Will Set In Different DC Universe?

Batman would have no connection to the DCEU, meaning that Pattinson’s version of the character is technically the same old It does not replace the hero. He also mentioned that a different universe would be on a more superficial plane than what fans have seen in the DCEU so far. This means that Pattinson’s Bruce Wayne could be a completely different Joker crime prince and this is not seen in Jared Leto or Phoenix’s version of the character.

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That being said, this doesn’t mean that characters from different universes never interact. WB is slowly setting up their DC Multiverse, and as such, what happened in the crisis on Infinite Earths, they may intersect. In this way, the movies and perhaps even the pockets of DC TV can become similar to a larger event run by the CW and ArrowWheel.

Other Updates?

Therefore, The classic DC hero, where he will face slightly different versions. Batman’s portrayal has always sparked fierce debate among fans, and Affleck’s selection for the role continues to spark intense discussion, even when he first donated Some refused to see him in the role early on, while others consider him a less loved man who deserved more opportunities to play the role on screen. This does not interrupt the film The Batman starring Robert Pattinson, which remains the future of the franchise.

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