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The Social Dilemma: The New Netflix Documentary Reveals About The Terrifying Cases Of Social Media

Netflix’s new documentary The Social Dilemma targets social media, which explains why Twitter, Facebook, and like-minded people are scared. 2024 has seen the world grapple with one crisis after another, while the population is always politically divided, and things, in general, seem to be on the brink of oblivion.

Social Dilemma Faced Targeting Issues By Social Media Companies

The notion that social media can be harmful is certainly not new in fact, there is a whole host of social media-based horror movies, including the best horror movie of 2024, Host. But Jeff Orlowski’s documentary hits a distressed wire, because of the reality that his warnings come immediately from tech industry experts and former employees of social media companies, some of whom actually helped build those social apps.

Which now The Social Dilemma portrays the chilling image of a new digital economy that harnesses the expert knowledge of this technological repertoire that transforms people, and especially their attention, into products sold for profit.

Drawing on Tristan Harris, a former Google design policymaker and co-founder of the Center for Humane Technology, Orlovsky’s documentary lifts the lid on an industry that has apparently not only secretly managed to manipulate users’ consciences But it actually helps destabilize the current world order.

What 'The Social Dilemma' misunderstands about social networks - The Verge

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Plot Of The Social Dilemma Documentary

The revelations in The Social Dilemma portray a complex image of social satire, starting with an explanation that social media users are not the actual customers of the service in question, be it Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Snapchat, Instagram. Or Pinterest. Instead, users themselves are products that are sold to real customers: companies want to promote their products and ideas.

In the end, the film argues that a continual supply of agreed-upon material, via echo chambers created by him, ultimately leads to further division and the threat of destabilizing democracies around the world. Even when it comes to the ongoing epidemic, social media is portrayed as making things worse through COVID-19 conspiracies and misinformation, of which Bill Gates himself spoke.

it is. Sometimes it turns out to be a wild theory, and there is no doubt that the documentary sometimes appears in its message of pessimism. But at the end of The Social Dilemma, many of the problems facing humanity are understandable.

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