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The Batman Star Robert Pattinson Spotted With Girlfriend Suki Waterhouse


The photographs of Robert and Suki were taken and went viral on Wednesday, September 16, 2024, when they are together spotted at a park in London, England.

While there are numerous questions about the status of Robert’s heath recovering from COVID, the actor seems happy and healthy in the new photographs. Robert and Suki are seen smiling in the adorable snap, that shows the couple enjoying their coffee and a hug with removing their face mask to share a kiss in the park. They were dressed coolly for the outing in the park, with Robert wearing basketball shorts, shoes, and a hoodie, and Suki in shorts and a shirt. The two stars wore colored shades.


Robert Pattinson is at present dating Suki Waterhouse. The couple has been dating together since 2018 when they went out for a date in London and was spotted. A source likewise told the outlet that Pattinson and Waterhouse have known one another and been around one another for quite a while. They indeed share an affection for music practically speaking, and they’re both genuinely cool, overall quite a typical ordinary and fun-loving people.


In 2019, Pattinson revealed to The Sunday Times why he wants to keep his relationship hidden from the world. He tells that in the situation when you let people interrupt in, it cheapens what love is, and If an outsider on the street asks for some information about your relationship, you find it very discourteous. On the other hand, if you build or set up a divider in the middle of it, it ends up better. He additionally can’t understand how he can walk down the road holding the hands of his other half, and a hundred people are snapping their picture.

In January 2024 this year, Waterhouse’s appearance started a new gossip when she was shot wearing a ring to her left side ring finger during a Dior evening gathering. Neither she nor Pattinson ever affirmed the gossip till now.

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