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The Batman: Shooting For DC Movie Happen In Chicago From October

Screen Magazine reported that Batman is planning a shoot in Chicago in late October, but says the shoot is “relatively hearty” and will last a maximum of two weeks. Additionally, there will be a month of pre-production and preparations before this shoot takes place.

His sources also told him that the production plans to shoot mostly outdoor shots in the city, and they are not yet sure if Robert Pattinson, Colin Farrell, or other actors will join the shoot.

According to a brand new list in Production Weekly:

The Batman is scheduled to shoot in Chicago, in October of this year. Screen Magazine has provided a bit more context for the shoot, noting that production on the film is scheduled for five weeks, October 16-18 and October 24-25. His report claimed that filming would take place in the city of Chicago and would feature a “complete driving sequence.”

UK Film and TV Industry Can Resume Production | IndieWire
Source: IndieWire

So when we are going to see Robert Pattinson’s The Batman:

Batman went on sale in both the UK and the US on June 25, 2024, but has now been delayed to October 1, 2024, as part of Warner Bros. ‘coronavirus delay.

In January 2024, director Matt Reeves officially confirmed the filming on Twitter, but it was halted due to an ongoing epidemic in March.

The storyline of The Batman:

While we don’t have a solid plot outline, we’re pretty sure Matt Reeves would focus on Bruce Wayne’s younger years, when he was more sensitive and relatively new to the world of crime. Some sources claim we will see less brute force, toe violence, and more thoughtful bats relying more on their spy skills than their gadgets and fights.

Reeves told The Hollywood Reporter that throughout his career his film would feature Bats against a “dishonest and truthful gallery” of bad guys. Details about the script are still secret, but we are told that it will be set in Gotham, with some scenes filmed in Arkham Asylum. In case you were wondering, Batman is definitely not the sequel to The Joker.

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