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The Avett Brothers call out’Foolish’ gun violence in entertainment on Pressing new album

The Avett Brothers say they will never create a quote-unquote “sociopolitical record.”

However, when they did, it’d probably sound something like the North Carolina folk rock group’s 10th album,”Closer Than Collectively,” (out Friday), a call for unity in split times in the band founded in 2000 from Scott and Seth Avett.

“The stark reality is, our documents have experienced political and societal problems in them, since we are people and we are not blind or oblivious to what is happening,” states singer/banjo participant Scott Avett, 43. “However, a number of the tunes (on this record ) are a bit more liberal,” such as”Bang Bang,” a searing critique of American gun culture, along with”New Woman’s World,” a pointed satire of greed, climate change and toxic masculinity.

Touring the USA through next summer, Scott talks with USA TODAY about fresh Avett songs, the 2024 election and the way he talks to his children about guns.

Query: Why was there any fear of alienating your core fan base by becoming”too political”?

Response: No, I believe true fans of an artist understand they are not going to appreciate everything somebody does. When they did, it is kind of just like a (married couple) that never contended — that is not real. That is not actually love. Unity and love have debate, but debate does not need to mean branch, and that is reflective of this message and name of the entire record. To disagree and discover diversity in unity is that the glory of America. Hence the issue we’ve got in our culture at the moment with gun violence is a true thing, it is disconcerting and I believe most folks can at least admit that.

Q: There are several distinct aspects of the gun debate. Why did you wish to handle gun violence on”Bang Bang”?

A: I have several guns and that I grew up around quite responsible gun owners, so that I watched a connection with individuals and firearms that was quite different than the type you see in several films. The tune is based on how absurd a few of the cases of firearms onscreen are, such as,”You get taken three times while running through a mall, killing enemies or zombies or anything.” You see and you go,”What’s that doing?” I really don’t understand, but I could say I do not wish to see it. Although (the violence) in most cases is applicable, today it is a part of several actual stories (we see from the information ), and that I really don’t understand that it assists in the country we are in as a culture and a nation.

Q: Onscreen violence was a popular topic these past couple weeks using”Joker,” that has increased concerns of future copycat strikes. Have you ever paid attention to this controversy?

A: I’ve not. I really don’t believe (gun violence in entertainment) is your only problem, but when my child is perplexed about (why folks use) firearms after which he or she’s seeing this, how can they react to it? I really don’t know if I trust it. If they are growing and they’re a gun owner who is accountable — of that there are lots of — I do not think that it’s going to influence them in a poor manner. I believe they understand,”Look, this really is just entertainment” But that things worries me as a parent. You truly wonder,”How do I direct them in ways they could honor this and not get confused with all of the noise?”

Q: As a parent, how are you spoke to your kids about mass shootings and firearms?

A: They’ve experienced shooting drills. My children are 4, 8 and 10, so the youngest does not actually get it. However, I approach it just like my dad did : Guns are tools, not toys. Even when you had a toy gun, you might never plan it in another human — which was just like a massive crime in our loved ones. We needed to deal with them with this mindset that they are to get work, which has been pretty much for (eliminating ) varmints or for searching. So for me and my children, since we are living in a rural region, it is essential for them to understand (a gun) is so loud, it is really severe, you do not mess with this, and that in the event that you have one, it is extremely crucial that you place it away rather than keep it loaded.

Q: Was”New Woman’s World” motivated by your girl, and needing her to develop in a society which treats her both?

A: Yes, I would like my daughter to understand she can be president when she wishes to be — I think she might be. The tune is an excellent satirical take, such as”It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World” by James Brown. It is this apocalyptic notion after (guys ) ruin the entire world, so it is far more tongue in cheek. However, I think there is a great deal of correction to be created, if a few people really think girls are lesser citizens. It is a level playing field in regards to regard, and most of us do different things quite well and a few awful. My wife does a few things far better than I do, and we strive to lift up those and then assist each other with all the (additional ) ones.

Q: The record wrestles with problems in America however is finally optimistic for the future of the nation. Are you feeling about the 2024 election? Are there any candidates that you locate promising?

A: I have never thrown my weight behind some of the stuff. I have just voted for president twice in my life — my very first time was when Barack Obama was chosen. I suppose Trump is the only man on the other side (this election cycle), but a number of the items (Democrat) Andrew Yang has stated have been very cool. I am independent, and I have never promised a complete on both sides, since I do not (vote based) on a single issue. Sad to say, the most sensible individuals never get chosen. (Laughs.)

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