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The 100 Season 7: Could We Expect It To Be On Screen This Summer, Follow The Breakdown

Fans have been eagerly waiting for The 100 to come back for their seventh season, season six was mind-blowing, to the notch which has given fans even more hope for season seven. But sadly, with season seven, we will also see the end of The 100, but we are sure the makers will end the show on a high note!

Season six left its fans on a massive cliffhanger, and season seven will give us all the answers to the mystery.


well, there is a piece of exciting news for all the fans out there expecting the show to be on their screens this summer, ITS HAPPENING!

The CW has officially announced that the seventh and the last season of The 100 will be aired on Wednesday, May 20; however, there is no official trailer out there yet, but we will keep you updated with all the news.

Showrunner Jason Rothenberg announced that the series would end after season 7 on his Twitter handle, he also mentioned that they have a special ending planned for all the fans, he added saying “I hope [fans will] be satisfied,” “I am satisfied. I think it’s a pretty powerful, emotional ending.”

Each season of The 100 has got 13 episodes, but for the seven seasons, which is going to be the last one, CW decided to keep 16 episodes fans are for sure going to enjoy this season! This will also put the total number of episodes in the series to a total of 100 pretty unique, we must say.

Another great news for all the fans out there who are sulking to the idea of The 100 ending we have good news! One episode of the final season of The 100 will be used as the backdoor pilot, which will be a potential for a prequel series that will be set 97 years before the beginning of 100.

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