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The 100 Anaconda: 5 Things To Know About The Spin-Off

“Spin-off” seems to be the CW mantra for new shows that are developed every day across the ever-expanding worlds of Arrow and The Vampire Diaries, but this time the spin-off comes from our much-loved Science-Fiction series, The 100. The next seventh season will be the last show, but thankfully a possible prequel series is currently underway to keep this story alive!

The CW revealed its plans to launch a spin-off of The 100 in October 2019, which are still limited in scope. TV Guide has diligently gathered any information about this upcoming new project, so here is what we know about this experimental show so far!

It’s a series of prequels. It will be 97 years until the events of The 100 pilot when a nuclear war wiped out a large portion of the population of the planet. The 100 fans know where the Groundsman, were survivors of the destruction come together to establish a new world. This shows the birth of the culture.

#1. Expected Release Date

Thinking about the release is now a long call. We see no slot available for this potential spin-off. Also, we will be in the seventh and final season in 2024. Only after that can any discussion of the prequel spin-off take place. Nonetheless, the publication is planned in late 2024 or early 2024.

#2. Cast Details

Nothing about the cast can be said. Because the series is set 100 years before the 100 events, none of the 100 seems to return. We’ll see a new cast set. Nevertheless, we may see similarities between the prequel and The 100.

#3. Expected Plot Details

The series will be performed 100 years before the 100’s at the time of the first nuclear war. In a dangerous and challenging world, the survivors left will seek to survive. It sounds like the beginning of the 100 seasons.

However, it will only lead to frustration if activities of The 100 took place in the spin-off. Since the first nuclear apocalypse takes place, you won’t see any of your favorite characters from The 100.

#4. Why The Name ‘Anaconda’?

People are speculating that Anaconda will be the title of the event’s upcoming spin-off The 100. Nonetheless, on 10 February, Jason Rothenberg confirmed to him by post on twitter that the spin-off still has no title. The pilot episode would now be named Anaconda.

#5. Production Details

The new series is created by 100 creator Jason Rothenberg and also by the backdoor pilot episode. Other executive producers on The 100, Leslie Morgenstein and Gina Girolamo will also produce the spin-off.

Like the rest of The 100, the show is shot in Vancouver, British Columbia.

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