Texas Police Officer Sentenced For 10 Years In Killing Of He…

A texas-based law enforcement officer will serve 10 years behind the bars for eliminating her next-door neighbor

The Texas law enforcement officer, sentenced to 10 years in jail for eliminating her next-door neighbor in her apartment or condo, submitted an appeal on Tuesday to reverse her 2019 murder conviction.

Legal representatives representing Amber Geiger have actually required that the previous Dallas law enforcement officer be condemned of careless murder instead of murder. According to the reports, the defense group has actually likewise asked for a brand-new hearing to identify Geiger’s penalty.

She fired the weapon as she believed the individual is Jean

Geiger’s group stated that although she intentionally fired a handgun with intent to eliminate 28-year-old Botham Jean, she believed he was a trespasser, validating her usage of deadly force.

Geiger was founded guilty of murder for the deadly blow to Jean, her upstairs next-door neighbor, in her apartment or condo in September 2018. She declared he shot Jean to death in his home, misinterpreting him for his own.

When the Fifth Court of Appeal will rule on Geiger’s appeal, it is not understood.

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