What Is Stormwater Management And Why Is It Important? 

Stormwater management is the proper management and control of water arising from storms like heavy rains and ice melting into water. Some impermeable surfaces like pavements prevent the water from penetrating the soil and replenishing. As a result, water flows into drains and sewer systems, causing them to overflow. Effective stormwater management ensures environmental and economic benefits to people. You can also opt for stormwater maintenance services to ensure a clean and healthy environment around you.

Why Is Stormwater Management Important?

Stormwater management is crucial for maintaining a healthy environment. Given below are some points that would help you understand the importance of stormwater management.

  • Maintaining ecological integrity

Stormwater management plays an important role in maintaining the hydrological cycle. Lack of proper management will prevent soil replenishment and recharging of groundwater.

  • Prevents flooding

It keeps flooding in check. It reduces the chances and severity of floods. It averts physical damage to persons and properties which could be caused due to floods.

  • Prevents soil erosion

Soil gets washed away from the earth’s surface due to excessive rains. This wearing away of soil by water is termed soil erosion. The manure also gets away with soil, causing plants and trees to die. If proper management is not undertaken, it could lead to soil erosion.

  • Reduce Pollution

Along with the soil, chemical fertilizers and pesticides also get washed away and flow into rivers that can harm aquatic animals and plants. Effective management of stormwater can prevent this.


What To Manage Stormwater

  • Use of permeable pavers

Using permeable pavers is a very popular method of stormwater management. They can be used in any area, whether a residential society or a commercial area. They are very durable and help in water retention, thus preventing floods. Through these pavers, water goes into the ground. This is a common way particularly used in urban areas.

  • Building Underground Cisterns or Tanks

Building underground tanks is another popular way of stormwater management. These are most commonly known as basins and collective tanks. They are usually built in areas where there are more chances of water accumulation or the areas like parking lots where water cannot pass through.

  • Green Roofs

The green roof is an emerging concept for stormwater management. These are covered with vegetation that absorbs the water and is also capable of reducing pollution.

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Stormwater Maintenance Services

As we all know how necessary it is to manage stormwater, many agencies provide stormwater maintenance services. These agencies control stormwater retention on surfaces that do not allow water to penetrate, like pavements, roofs, etc. They use software to help identify the problem and evaluate current conditions to deliver bespoke solutions.


In the above article, we discussed what stormwater management is and its importance. Stormwater management practices must be undertaken to maintain a healthy and clean environment. Stormwater pollution causes harm to the environment and can pose a threat to human life. The need for stormwater management has increased and people demand stormwater maintenance services.

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Kane Dane

Written by Kane Dane