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Tenet: Magazine Covers Provides New Look Of Stars Robert Pattinson And John David Washington

As Christopher Nolan’s Tenet released its official trailer a few days ago, it has already created all the needed hype amongst fans. Moreover, it seems like there are some exclusive images that fans might be interesting in looking into it. Let us look into the exclusive images and the details of it.

Take A Look At This Exclusive Image From The Upcoming Movie, Tenet.

Total Film Magazine has launched an exclusive picture from the film featuring two of the lead cast members, John David Washington, and Robert Pattinson. While the picture shows the two characters in a rather cryptic way, it is creating the much need hype for sure. The magazine has covered the film on a while with deeper insights into the scientific trope of the film.

The Exclusive Image Has Both The Leading Stars In It.

As the picture has been released by the magazine on the various social media platform, it also raises questions about the time-traveling trope that the film seems to follow. Here’s the image of the two given below. Fans sure won’t be disappointed! There are not one but two images below.

As we can see from both the trailer and the exclusive image, John David Washington is the central protagonist who works around the one word given to him- Tenet and is up against something that will unfold in something beyond real-time. Robert Pattinson appears from the second half of the trailer and seems to have some pretty massive and crazy ideas, one including a rather a huge plane crash! So fans are already gearing up for some kick-ass action with a time-traveling aspect which is pretty important in a classic Christopher Nolan movie!

The Trailer Has Already Created A Huge Hype Amongst Fans About The Film.

While the trailer has already grabbed eyeballs, it seems like the makers are sticking to giving the film a poorer theatrical release as mentioned in the trailer itself. With July release, it is a bit surprising but that’s what the studio is aiming for it seems. The makers seem to be pretty hopeful about it.

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