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Teenager Robbed And Killed Couple With 5 Children Over A Car

A Colorado resident was officially charged Thursday with the robbery and murder of a married couple he allegedly lured to a location with a used car commercial

Sources reported that 18-year-old Kiri Brown confessed to stealing a 2017 Toyota RAV4 and put it up for sale on Letgo. Joseph and Josslyn Roland, 39 and 40, met with Brown at Aurora’s Southlands Mall on August 14; Brown allegedly told the couple that he had the wrong name of the car and asked them to follow him to the apartment where he shot.

Brown reportedly pointed a gun at Joseph Roland while the couple sat in their car. Brown claimed he shot him and mistakenly shot his wife after the couple’s car started moving, the affidavit says.

Joseph and Josselyn Roland have pronounced dead in the hospital just minutes away.

The investigators arrest Brown

After the fatal shooting, Brown allegedly re-listed the stolen vehicle in the same app but posted the ad under a different name. Police said the car was already in the parking lot by then.

The police examined the messages sent through the LetGo app and the cell phone printouts. They rang Brown’s phone and found him. Agents said Brown was arrested on Aug.27 after a brief chase that ended in Denver.


Brown confessed that he robbed $ 3,000 from the Rolands. After the shooting, he allegedly attempted to set the stolen car on fire.

Joseph Roland reportedly makes his living by launching cars. The 17-year-old daughter told investigators she was planning to go with her dad to buy the RAV4, but she decided to go to her boyfriend’s house, so her stepmother went instead.

Brown was charged with two counts of first-degree murder.

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