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Suspect, 19, Arrested For Shooting A 8-Year-Old Girl To Death

The suspect of the shooting of 8-year-old girl is arrested

The 19-year-old suspect in the shooting of July 4 following the death of 8-year-old Secoria Turner surrendered to Atlanta police on Wednesday afternoon, according to the authorities.

According to Conley’s attorney, Jackie Patterson, the Atlanta Police Department issued an arrest warrant for Julian Conley after distributing his photograph on Sunday as an affected person.

“When you have a warrant, you have to give up,” he said when they arrived at the police station. “So that’s what we’re going to do.”

The mother of the victim tried to cross the illegal barricades

Secoriea Turner was in the car with her mother and her mother’s boyfriend on the night of July 5, when her mother tried to cross illegal barricades near Wendy in southern Atlanta, where Rayshard Brooks was killed by a policeman on June 12, as previously reported by the sources.

Turner’s mother was reportedly trying to turn into a parking lot when a group of gunmen blocked the entrance. Suspects shot a car, fatally injuring a girl who was declared dead in a nearby hospital.

Wendy did not fire the gunshot

On Tuesday, the sources spoke to Conley and the teenager said he was on the scene of the accident on July 4th in front of Wendy, now burnt and who had weapons but did not fire.

“In the end, I had nothing to do with this,” said Conley. “I am really sorry for what happened to Secoriea Turner.

Conley told that the man who was driving the car in which the girl was staying was crossing the barricade, hitting the man with a rifle.

Conley said he had weapons that night, but he didn’t open anyone.

4 people were involved in the firing

“And when this man fell to the ground, he got up and started shooting at this car,” said Pattersen.

Pattersen said that Conley doesn’t know the shooter.

Police, however, said four people opened fire on an SUV that night.

Charges against Conley

Conley, accused of aggravated murder and assault, is awaiting a hearing on Thursday. Police are still looking for the first person he has identified as the person of his interest, who was shown in a video in a white shirt with AR-15.

Meanwhile, Secoriea was buried on Wednesday after the funeral, which was broadcast due to fears of COVID-19.

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