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Supernatural: The CW Thinking To Resume Shooting Nearly Late Summer

Here is all that we know about the process of the filming Supernatural starting up once more!

As all the people who love Supernatural know how rude it was when the production for the show shut down just when only two episodes were remaining to create. Despite all of it, we should probably thank The CW, who is highly anticipated to end this drama that ran for 15 years in the right way and give it a premiere date in fall for the seven episodes that have been planned for it.

The CEO of The CW, as well as the President of the same Network called Mark Lebowitz, has disclosed to the media about how the series is going to film its final last two episodes. It was quite hopeful and generous for all the fans, but then again, he also made it clear that the idea remains flexible because of the world scenarios that are happening at this point.

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Here is what the director and creator of Supernatural had to say about the shooting process!

Mark revealed that they have already had five episodes in the box, which were meant of Supernatural. He added that Jared, as well as Jensen, are scheduled to go at the project site as soon as they have plenty of time to finish the last two episodes. And later, when all of this is done, Jared is going to work on Walker, which is excellent news. Mark also revealed that the two places are also in continuous talks to make sure that this better proves itself to be a seamless handoff.

The whole plan includes that these two episodes are going to be shot in Vancouver, and we can call it as per our will, whether late summer or early fall. And then later after it is all done, Jared Padalecki is then going to shoot Walker, which is going to release later in January of 2024.

According to Mark, mostly everyone wanted to end the show as early as possible!

Mark said that everybody, the studio, and executive producers that also includes Jared and Jensen along with Misha, they are all willing to end the 15 years of this epic series right away and it is so important that these two episodes will be shot in a way that these guys would want it to be and he and the fans could just wait everything out, and they are quite really attached to it.

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