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Supergirl Season 5: The Cw Delay The New Season For A Week

Supergirl Season 5 is an ongoing series, however, looking at the global scenario, CW postponed its further episodes to April 26th. Still, it seems like new episodes will take longer to come than anticipated.

The CW has announced that Supergirl will return to our television screens on May 3rd just a week later than the previous date.

Supergirl is supposed to be a savior for all the fans that have been waiting for the show’s return after all of the Arrowverse programs have been officially postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


There have been some new developments since the last time as we see Kara began dating William; meanwhile, Lena forged an alliance with Lex; soon after this, Alex left the DEO after serving as director.

In the previous episode, we saw Alex entering the world of VR. As we saw towards the end of the incident, the threat of Leviathan is ever-present.


The upcoming episode of Supergirl is titled as “Deus Lex Machina.” There are speculations that this might be one of the most critical episodes of season 5, not only this in this episode fans will get to see how Lex became the hero that people perceive him to be in a post-crisis world.

This episode is extra special to our very own Supergirl, aka Melissa Benoist, as this episode marks her first time sitting on the director’s chair!

Its hard to pinpoint as to when or how season 5 of Supergirl will end, will Lex be killed by the end of this season? Or Will Lena patch things up with Kara by the season’s end?

These are some of the questions on every fan’s mind; if you have some possible theories, then do share with us in the comments down below!

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