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Sun Kil Moon’s Mark Kozelek Accused Of Physical Abuse And Assualt

Sun Kill Moon singer Mark Kozalek has been accused of Physical misconduct by three different women. In a detailed report published by Pitchfork, the allegations made against Kozelek detail isolated incidents that occur inside hotel rooms. The first charge made by Los Angeles mental health expert Sarah Catherine Golden claimed that Kozelek Physically assaulted her inside a hotel room in November 2017. The gilded description of how she left the room to smoke on the balcony and was killed by Kozelek after fainting. The garments that were removed were wearing only a T-shirt and undergarments.

Back in the room, Golden Kleczek claimed he was lying in the same bed and asked him to stay the night. After denying her progress, she claims that the singer-songwriter’s mood had drastically changed at the time. The woman alleges that Kozelek decided to put the two single beds together and lie down hard on her. Anguishing, Golden then details how she calls a taxi and while waiting, it is reported that Kozelek may begin to grab her body and clothes and try to kiss her. The incident was compounded by Swarna’s claim that the musician started masturbating before forcibly touching his penis.

“He continued with more details: “He was upstairs, and I think I was visually frozen, because then he said to me, are you okay?” He said. The third account of the neglect was made by a musician who asked to remain anonymous. The woman claims that Kozelek invited her and another musician to his hotel room after a concert in 2014 and proceeded to act inappropriately.

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Kozelek has yet to respond to the claims.

Physical Assault crisis in England and Wales

“Physical Assault Crisis England & Wales is the national coordinating organization for the Physical Assault Crisis Center in England and Wales. As a registered charity, Physical Assault Crisis serves to raise awareness of Physical violence and campaign for change. ”


“Established in 1994, Safeline is a special charity that works to prevent Physical abuse and support those affected in their recovery. This includes working with people whose mental health problems (eg, self-harm) suggest they may be vulnerable to abuse. ”

The Survivors Trust

“Survivors Trust is a federal agency that brings together more than 125 specialized voluntary sector agencies in the UK and Ireland providing counseling, therapeutic and support services working with women, men and children, including Physical Assault, Physical violence and Victims. of violence/survivors. Let’s misuse it. “

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