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Stranger Things: What Happened To Eleven’s Sister?

The so-called Stranger Things Expanded Universe has been hinting for a while that some of Hawkins Laboratory’s other test subjects may be making their way onto the television screen for season 4, but now fans are getting the biggest tease yet. with the presence of Nine, also known as Jamie.

Jaime and his twin sister, Marcy, joined the Department of Energy’s Project Indigo sometime in the 1970s. Given the respective designations of Nine and Nine Point Five (or Control, since Marcy did not exhibit any special powers), Dr. Martin Brenner originally viewed them as a disappointment, and Nine’s pyrokinetic abilities showed only limited success.

But when he inadvertently roasted a lab tech alive, Brenner saw an extreme amount of potential for future assassinations and other similar assignments, until Eleven, that is, psionically flourished, proving to be the most powerful asset in Indigo’s arsenal.

Nine has slowly awakened

This is where the Stranger Things: Into the Fire comic book miniseries enters the gap. Nine has slowly awakened from a drugged state of oblivion – designed to keep his powers in check – and has remembered the “betrayal” of his twin sister who fled Hawkins without her seven years earlier (although, to be fair to Marcy, Jaime had slipped into a temporary coma at the time, a sequel to the sudden explosion of his fiery powers).

Eleven managed to locate in Chicago in season 2

Such a premise, of course, is very reminiscent of Eight’s Stranger Things story, the wayward guy Eleven managed to locate in Chicago in season 2; ancient Kali Prasad had managed to rally her own crew of misfits and misanthropes, and they had carried out a series of revenge killings, especially against former project personnel. While it is quite possible that Stranger Things Expanded Universe will end or eliminate the character of Nine, avoiding its inclusion in the main narrative of the television series, it further reinforces the idea that the cast of the show can run into any of these wildcards at any time. Season 4 moment.

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